I’ve Sent Ethereum To My Ethereum Classic Address!

I've sent Ethereum to my Ethereum Classic address! In this article. How is this possible? Recover Ethereum (ETH) sent to your Ethereum Classic (ETC) Wallet.

I sent the ETH from GDAX to my KuCoin ETC address.

hi,i've one question, by mistake one of my token is sent to classicetherwallet,which doesn't support that.

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20 Nov 2016.

I sent a few Ether Classic to an address given by an Ether Wallet. The transaction appears to have happened, but the ETC does not show up in my ETH wallet.

I' ve been looking at my tx history, to my surprise, they are either exchange.


What happens if I send my Ethereum Classic to an Ethereum address? While both cryptocurrencies share the same address format, Ethereum Classic and.

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1 Nov 2017.

The story begins with a problem we faced in BitClave: during the preparation of the ICO some amount of ETH was sent to contract address,

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