Hold On To Your Hats As Bitcoin’s Civil War Threatens To Get Real

29 Mar 2017.

As a civil war over the future of bitcoin simmers, a new kind of blockchain offers.

So, one increasingly powerful group is threatening to "hard fork" the project.

The more tokens you hold, the more voting power you have.

actually own and control the operation, something that's particularly true with Tezos.

24 Mar 2017.

Bitcoin's civil war threatens to blow up the cryptocurrency itself.

For the last several years, technical experts have been arguing over.

of the very real possibility of a fork sent bitcoin traders scrambling to sell their holdings.

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14 Jan 2016.

I've spent more than 5 years being a Bitcoin developer.

and in which the companies and people building it were in open civil war?.

That's an old figure from 2011 and Bitcoin transactions got a lot more complex since then, so the true.

is what makes Bitcoin good, and growth threatens decentralisation,

3 Jul 2016.

China has become a market for Bitcoin unlike anything in the West, fueling.

play a major role in a civil war that has divided Bitcoin followers over the.

The 'Hard Hat Riot' Was a Preview of Today's Political Divisions.

It was designed to provide both a digital coin and a new way to move and hold money,

The American Civil War: Legacies for Our Own Time17 Aug 2015.

The bitcoin wars have begun, as Bitcoin XT squares off against the.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin is facing civil war, with two high-profile.

to hold a full database of all the bitcoin transactions throughout history, known as the blockchain.

with neither fully seizing the mantle of the true heir to Nakamoto's vision.

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