Deconstructing The Bitcoin Market Cap A Blog By Vinny Lingham

30/05/2016  · Given the comparison is a semi-reasonable proxy for Bitcoin, and it’s widely understood by the financial press, let’s work with it. All data from this post comes from, unless otherwise stated. Total Bitcoins mined to date = 15.6m. Total Bitcoins outstanding = 5.4m. Current Bitcoin Price.

04/06/2016  · Seemingly inspired by the recent action, Vinny has been writing more frequently as of late and he just published another piece titled,  Deconstructing the Bitcoin Market Cap. In it, he argues that when looking at bitcoin price charts it’s important to keep in mind several factors other than just the nominal price.

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Vinny Lingham on Civic, bitcoin, Covid-19 and living in San Diego28/02/2017  · A blog by Vinny Lingham. Preventing Another Bitcoin Bubble.

I don’t believe the market cap of Bitcoin has grown organically enough to be large enough to support $300m+ worth of immediate demand from potentially fickle retail or corporate investors with stop loss triggers. Bitcoin works when the price rises slowly, people hold and are.

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